Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was tagged by Abby to list the 5th picture in the 5th folder...Here it is and such a sweet one! I love how Teagan's cheeks are mashed! haha

I was also tagged by Abby to share 7 random facts about ourselves that people may or may not know.

1.) Let's see I always wanted to be a radio dj on like the oldies station. Oh how I love my oldies and I think I should have born in the 50's....

2.) Following that I absolutely LOVE vintage clothes and in high school and college had some odd numbers I would wear but I still love looking for vintage clothes at the antique stores... Not to mention my love for vintage jewlery!! YAY!

3.) I am a Food Network/TLC junkie which is slowly and sadly changing to QVC and HSN...Am I an old fogie or what? (I think this switch happened because QVC and HSN are on all night that means they are on when I am feeding little Miss.... BUT I have never bought anything! hehe)

4.) I am a tad OCD. I do love a clean clean home and everything neatly stacked and in its place. I go through random 'throw everything out' moods and also love the look of freshly vaccumed carpet which I don't have...

5.) I have a dumb habit of buying new clothes and shoes and purses and then leaving them in my closet and wearing my grunge clothes because I am either 'saving' them or don't want to 'wear it in case it gets dirty...' this is sad right?

6.) Along those same lines I also have this dumb habit of shopping and then either putting back everything I spent and hour getting or returning it the next day. Yes the NEXT day. It drives me nuts if I have it longer. So I'm thinking as I write this I should probably stay out of stores or find another hobby! But what to do when the little ones want out?! But walk the mall and target! bummer....

7.) Last but not least I can majorly down some sweets in one day. This is not a good thing or something I am proud of but it is WHY I do exercise because I lack in the self control department and for some strange reason think I owe myself 'rewards' for long hard days which are often right now....hehe (this is also why I am a Diet Coke Aholic - 0 calories! Hopefully I don't die from Diet Coke....

SO! That was fun and revealing and now I need counseling... JUST KIDDING!

I tag-Layne, and anyone else who wants to do this and hasn't yet! hehe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New York!

Was amazing!!

We had such a blast together! We left Thursday morning and got to New York that evening around 6. It was raining and I was bummed but then got into the spirit seeing that rain to New Yorkers is nothing! I'm so used to staying indoors here when it rains and in New York, nothings stops them! So we found Junior's Cheesecake and had some dinner and of course dessert! It was SOOO stinkin' good. I watched them on food network and knew I had to try it and it did not dissappoint! They sell the cheesecakes on QVC and heck I may have to get one sometime! The Chocolate Mousse cheescake was awesome and so fluffy! And Red Velvet...YUMMO! We were tired and ready for bed by 8 but we knew we had to stay out, we came all this way! So we walked on over to Rockefeller Center and I dragged Chris over to ice skate. He was not looking forward to it but once we finished our 30 minutes he smiled and said he was glad I made him. It ended up being our favorite thing and if we hadn't been so tired and sore on Fri night we would have done it again...(And if it wasn't $60! Holy Smokes must be cause its Rockefeller ;) Anyhoo we explored and took pictures and finally went back to the hotel, which was amazing right in Times Square! I think it was still only like 11! haha

Saturday I woke Chris up at the crack to go stand in line for Good Morning America. I had brought stuff to make a sign that said "We miss our kids Gauge and Teagan and its only been 2 days!" hehe We stood there for 1 hour or more and I thought Chris may never speak to me again! hehe It was SOOO cold and then once we got in we had to stand for the whole taping! BUT!!! I was on GMA and it was so worth it!!! Chris ducked because he didn't want anyone to know he was there but I was so pumped! Totally worth getting up that early! :) Thanks honey!

We then went shopping and looked around 5th Avenue. Went to H&M, Tiffany's (there are 11 floors of jewlery! CRAZY!) FAO Schwartz (which the ToysRUs was way better..hehe) ate at Ray's Original Pizza, strolled through Central Park, went the the CRAZY zoo Macy's (and it was like a zoo!) and then went to get ready for our show, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes!! On the way over after dinner we stood in a short line to get a cupcake at Magnolia's Bakery, which is also famous :) hehe It was again YUMMO!!

The show was awesome! I think Chris got bored after the first act but hey I want to be a Rockette so I was totally digging the whole show. It was amazing and they are so stinkin' talented! What was super impressive was that at the end instead of focusing on what the show was about with the older brother not believing in Santa, they totally ended it with the Nativity scene with live camels and sheep and the wisemen bowing down to Jesus and singing Hark the Herald Angels sing. It was amazing that they ended the show on what Christmas is truly about! I think I'm gonna write them and tell them how awesome I thought that was :)

After that we could barely walk back to the hotel we were so stinkin' tired! We slept long and hard and woke the next morning to get a Starbucks and go down 5th Ave. again. Which by the way Starbucks is on every corner and I know why! It's so cold you must have hot coffee the whole time! :)

It was so fun spending time together and yet we were both so excited we were running off the plane to hug our sweet babies! We are so blessed....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York Tomorrow!!

What what?! Yup Chris and I are leaving tomorrow morning at 9am and headed to New York City Times Square! We haven't taken a vacation since our honeymoon and we just decided the only time we want to go to New York is Christmas time so here we go (and before the kiddos cost us too much ;) ) So we leave tomorrow and Friday we go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes and of course do some eating and shopping! Serendipitys here I come! We fly home Saturday evening...So we are both having a really hard time parting from the babies but we will only be gone one full day away without seeing them...ahhh pray for us :) Nighttime is the hardest. You just lay in the dark wishing you could hug them up...Ok I will stop or I'm gonna cry...again...You want a break and then you get a break and you don't really want the break anymore! We just love the little rascals so much! We look forward to the smiling faces awaiting us Saturday evening at the airport!
Here are some recent photos. We went to JCPennys to have Christmas pics taken and whoa...that was an experience. The lady didn't even know what she was doing and if you have kids well there is a short time they are happy and the rest is history...Well we got one picture and Gauge isn't even looking at the camera. But they sure looked cute!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. We have so much to be thankful for! I'm sad Layne is already gone. I didn't feel we got good time together because kiddos are crazy but I miss her and look forward to another visit!
I decorated last night and I will take some pics at night when its all pretty.

Friday, November 21, 2008



I made a Chocolate Pumpkin Cake for my dad's birthday dinner and woooweee that thing is addicting! It's got some fabulous cream cheese/whip cream fluffy icing and man oh man we love it.

Chris just informed me that work got them Taylor Center Deli for lunch (man work is hard stuff! hehe) and he even got a slice of Coconut Cream Cake. Let's just say I got a piece about a week ago and YUM! It is chilled and moist and oh so heavenly. He called and told me about his lunch and then at the end said, Oh I saved half of the cake to bring home to you and I saved the good part, the icing just for you. What a sweetheart. So much for Weight Watchers tonight ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ahhh we switched over...

I know I know...poor xanga. We are going to slowly switch over to this for our blog. Xanga is dying out and keeping up with multiple sites is getting rather difficult so we shall stick to just this one and facebook... I will post updates and photos and such here now. You know, all the good stuff. And I will try to be better at the photos since that seems to be the best thing anyways! You know it's funny....With the first child all you do is film and take photos. Then the second child comes and you can't even remember your name, when you fed them last let alone where the heck the camera is! But alas! I will vow to take more photos... Afterall they are what I sit and browse through at night once the babes are in bed and I'm missing them....