Friday, November 21, 2008



I made a Chocolate Pumpkin Cake for my dad's birthday dinner and woooweee that thing is addicting! It's got some fabulous cream cheese/whip cream fluffy icing and man oh man we love it.

Chris just informed me that work got them Taylor Center Deli for lunch (man work is hard stuff! hehe) and he even got a slice of Coconut Cream Cake. Let's just say I got a piece about a week ago and YUM! It is chilled and moist and oh so heavenly. He called and told me about his lunch and then at the end said, Oh I saved half of the cake to bring home to you and I saved the good part, the icing just for you. What a sweetheart. So much for Weight Watchers tonight ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ahhh we switched over...

I know I know...poor xanga. We are going to slowly switch over to this for our blog. Xanga is dying out and keeping up with multiple sites is getting rather difficult so we shall stick to just this one and facebook... I will post updates and photos and such here now. You know, all the good stuff. And I will try to be better at the photos since that seems to be the best thing anyways! You know it's funny....With the first child all you do is film and take photos. Then the second child comes and you can't even remember your name, when you fed them last let alone where the heck the camera is! But alas! I will vow to take more photos... Afterall they are what I sit and browse through at night once the babes are in bed and I'm missing them....