Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like Father Like Son

I love how Gauge wants to be just like Chris. We go shopping for shoes or clothes and if I just say "You want some like daddy's big boy shoes? or big boy shirt?" He gets a huge smile on his face and gets excited. So he loves Chris' visors and we think he looks good in one ;) See below...
We are in bow training with Teagan right now. She has figured out that I put them in her hair and quickly tries to pull it out. I have to just continually put it back in over and over but I will not give up. She will wear bows!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paul Washer

If you have never heard of Paul Washer you should 'YouTube' him. Heck 'YouTube' "sermon jams" I have watched several and they are so powerful for such small snippets. To think if we could just show these in church on Sundays, man people would be seriously convicted and maybe we would start living radically like Jesus did instead of living for ourselves and our own comforts. After all aren't we supposed to be like Jesus? Watch this video. It's only like 3 minutes. Watch it all the way through. It will make you cringe and possibly aggitate you but I will guarentee when it is over you won't be the same. I need to watch it daily... because this world IS NOT MY HOME...So why am I living like it is? Like it's the fiber of all we say and do and have....Lord change me...CHANGE ME...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Papi's and Blankies

Those two things are like gold in our house! I can't tell you how many paci's we have lost and I search endlessly until I find and how many times I have to sneak blankies away so I can wash them :)

The new funny thing is that Teagan gets a kick out of stealing Gauge's papi and blankie! She will tun over to where ever he sits them down, snatch them quickly and take off running as fast as she can, which is really slow but oh so stinkin' cute! She will also do a giggle like she love's him to come chase after her. It's such a cute thing to watch.
Other than that we are just again trying to stay out of the heat and in the AC! I am counting down the end of summer! I can't wait for just a little relief from this heat!
My little man is going through some attachment things wanting only me most of the day and I am the only one that can rock him at nap and bedtime. But I sure do love the loving from him though. I know it's just a stage so I am just soaking up the time he wants to just have me cuddle with him. He also is giving real hugs. He will run up to Chris or I and give us a squeeze hug and it is so cute! And it melts your heart!
I gotta start thinking of things for Teagan's birthday! I can't believe in a little over a month she will be one! My goodness time flies when you are having fun :) I know I want to do a "Tea" party for Miss TEAgan....hehe So I am planning and thinking and of course Googling!
If you don't read the Living Proof blog that Beth Moore and her daughters blog on you should go check out this post from one of her daughters Melissa. It was such a good one!
Lovin' her new blankie from Aunt Boog!

Teagan LOVES the silky side and Aunt Boog gave her this big silky Little Girraffe blanket and that child is in love...(and so am I when I cuddle in it when she is not using it! ha!)

So handsome. This face makes me break out into the biggest smile!

Grabbing blankies!

Notice she has his papi in one hand and his blankie in the other! Stinker!

He has a double cowlick and how do you like that Dennis the Menace hair! Ha!

This happens after nap! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haircuts and Double Stroller...

Whoohoo! We got our new double stroller in and it is a dream! I am going to sell the Double Sit and Stand stroller I had orginally bought because it wasn't working out for us. I love my friend Tiffany's stroller and went on an internet search for it and found it for a super bargain! I love bargains! As you can see in the pics below, Teagan loves it and so does Gauge because he sat in it while I read him his bedtime books... :)
We also took Mr. Gauge to get a 'real' haircut today. Chris and I thought maybe I should stop butchering the poor child's hair with my craft scissors :) Well I watched closely as they did it today and I can totally do it ;) I just need some hair scissors and a razor thingy majig. Sally's here I come! He did SOOO good and sat there with the funniest face. He throughly enjoyed looking at his handsome self in the mirror the whole time. When he was all done he was just smiling away as we told him what as handsome big boy he was. Such a cutie! (these pictures are backwards. I'll get it right one of these days!)
And then of course there are some pictures playing on daddy's new boat. They love playing on that thing! So funny. I guess it's like a fort to them. That's one expensive fort! ;)
Enjoy the cuties being cute. It's what they do best!

OH I could just eat him up! I love that sweet face!

Mrs. Big Stuff...

Loving those sweet legs in her cute sandals!

Good times...

A classic Teagan face. My little goober!

Good golly I love that child! Note the world's tinest clip in her hair. I know it's a shocker! They are usually huge. But I like variety!

Yup she approves of the new stroller!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More frequent posts for Aunt Layne!

One of my favorites for my older sister. It's a quote from the book "Safetly Home" By Randy Alcorn...(a must read!) That's in Mandarin and translates "Real gold fears no fire."

Fun Uncle Jon!

Toes done!

So I told Layne I would post more frequently so she can still feel as though she is still here visiting :) And of course because she does an amazing job of keeping us updated and I feel as though I am right there in Portugal with her! I love you Layne!

So I have finished a few more signs and still working on a few. I have a little problem of not knowing when to stop...For instance I will paint and then think "Is that too plain? Should I add something?" And then over do it...Chris is such a help though and usually helps me figure out just what it needs. I want to take an art class and figure out how to shade and such. I also need to figure out how to use my camera! Sometimes I will take pictures of the signs and they come out ok but other times they come out all wrong and the colors are off. I have a friend who said she would show me (Jade I am going to get with you!! :) ) and I really need to do that! :)

Other than that I am obsessed with making flower hair clips for Teagan :) I heart accessories for little girls! I will post some pics of them soon.

And Monday night my girls bible study group started a new study! It is "Me, Myself and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild. I am really loving it and I have a feeling I'm going to be getting ALOT out of it. It is about our 'thought closet' and how we need to replace the lies we tell ourselves with the TRUTH of God's word. I also really enjoy just having a study book to work through. I am a school person at heart. I love pens, pencils, notebooks, anything schoolish. (I made up that word) And it really helps, especially with my two wild munchkins, to have a book to follow in and actually write in.

Well as I am talking about that book I better go get busy on Day 2 Week 1 while my sweet babies are snoozing. :)