Friday, September 25, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like FALL :) or sort of...

So at least we did have a few days that were cool and 'fall' like! So I have decided since the first day of fall has passed then I will break out the fall decor! I spruced up my fall wreath that the people who lived here before us left and added a gold 'C'...
My mom and I made some pumpkin signs as well as some for Christmas...She is a whiz at the jigsaw and I had a lot of fun painting...
I have been in the works of re-painting some walls in our house. First I did the living room and I am going to work on the kitchen. Mainly because I didn't save the paint cans from the first time we painted and we were in desperate need of touch ups and I didn't have the color! Oh bummer I gotta pick new colors ;) You know I love that. Although I don't LOVE painting. It can be a pain but feel oh so good as you look at the finished wall :) Pics to come!
Yeah! Layne comes home soon! We are so excited to see her and Jon and we can't wait to have a blast and eat yummo food and laugh alot :)
I also finally finished the monogrammed 'C' canvas I had made to hang somewhere in the house. I loved it but just never finished it off but I did and now it is finally hanging. It's one of my fav! I'm pretty much in love with the 'C' :)
My poor bubba has been sick the past few days. He has a runny nose and a fever. I thought the fever was gone but this afternoon it started creeping back. He has no other symptoms so I am just watching him and keeping him on motrin. We actually already had an appt. for Monday morning so that works out good...They are due for their flu shots so I hope his fever goes away so he can get his...
I will say this, as soon as he gets well we are taking the paci's away...those things are on my last nerves and so yucky! :) Pray that goes well!
One other thing...We are doing a fundraiser for Layne and Jon's move to Africa through Arbonne's Lipgloss for a Cause. There are 6 lipgloss to choose from and each are $11 a piece. 52% of the profit will go to Layne and Jon. For example, if we sell 500 they will recieve $2800! It's a great fundraiser and while you support two wonderful people to spread the love of Christ to Africa you also get a great lipgloss in the process! Can't beat that! Let me know if you are interested and email at if you want to order. We are taking orders until Oct 15th...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to fall!

my wreath

yard signs! yay!

they were sitting right together and then started to move as I got the camera!

another sign

what a sweet face! Her hair is getting longer!

loves that doorbell

Friday, September 4, 2009

Catching up....

Teagan and her new Keds...She likes them! :)
Ahh cute little feet!

Always trying to escape! And now with big kid shoes...I'm in trouble!

Are these not the cutest Crocs?!

I just love this face!

Handsome boy with his cakepop...

Cake face

I love that face. Her lips are all like "Hmmm...what should I do?"

Our sweet girl is ONE!

Sweet pea

A good picture with all of us looking...Whoa! :)

Cake pops! I wish I had one right this very moment!

Girly girl party :) I didn't have fun doing this or anything... ;)

New sign for a cute boy's door for his room

I love these colors!

Keeping the tradition with the pancake with a ONE for bday morning :)

And little man got a 2 :)

Teagan's faces crack me up...this one she looks perturbed with me for taking so many pictures!

This is one of her favorite spots! ha! I went out to the laundry room and just found her chilling in her seat eating a snack and happy as can be...

Is this swimsuit not the cutest! We got it for her baby shower from a sweet family friend and I'm so sad she can't wear it next year!

Swim beauty! On her way to a pool party :)

He LOVES the water....Really likes to "swim" and splash on his belly :)

Well August has come and gone...a little fast I might add! Whew! But no complaints since it means we are closer to 'cooler' weather meaning low 90's :)

Teagan's birthday was so fun and I had a blast getting it all together. The kids had fun playing and Gauge I think had the most fun because any toys Teagan got, instantly became toys for him to play with and oh how he played! His favorite for the first few days was a tea party set that makes noise....He is moving on back to his trucks now :) I like Chris, he would tell him to pour coffee not 'tea' because he said coffee is for the boys and tea is for the girls...Well I like both! :) She did get fun stuff like a new doll that giggles and blocks and and purse! :) She also got cute clothes and shoes, the Keds being from Gee. I should have known but I had no clue! Gee and her Keds...she must have all girls wear Keds...Hilarious :)

Other than that we have stayed busy dancing to kid songs which "If your Happy and You Know It" and the "Hokey Pokey" are on the top 5. Unfortunately I galloped around the house with them when "She'll be coming around the mountain" came on so now they want to do that one over and over and over and whew! I'm tired after 2 times! I think I will tell them that is Daddy's favorite song :) hehe...

MOPS starts up again this next week and we are exited for that! I am actually on the comittee and doing the kids curriculum. I'm trying to get it all together because you know how I like organization!

Enjoy all the random photos! We are having good times :)