Thursday, February 25, 2010

Many Blessings!!

So! We have been busy and God has been moving!
For those of you who haven't heard, this past week we went to Houston for Chris' 6 month Dr. appt for his AS. We knew it was the 2 year check up that we get xrays with to see any progression. We were anxious going because we didn't want to see that his AS and spread or gotten worse. Well many people were praying for us and God is in the buisness of miracles people! The Dr.s (these are the top AS Dr.s in the world!) called us to come look at the xrays and they were all stunned. Chris' bad hip that was really bad and needing and total hip replacement has reversed and gotten better! And there were NO signs of any progression of his AS fusing. Can you just say we were blown away?! Chris and I couldn't stop smiling and telling everyone that God has heard our prayers and answered! I am really believing God to heal him completely and that it will be a testimony to those Dr.'s that God is alive and active!
Lord you are so good to us! We praise you for working in Chris' life in this way and we are humbled. May you get all the glory, honor and praise!!
We also had a special treat and had Chris' sister come down to see us for a few days!! It was so fun! Gauge and Teagan loved having her here and Gauge would run around yelling "Aunt Ta!! Play cars!!" He had such a blast with her :) We love you Aunt Ta!!!
I have been busy with all sort of crafts and just started a new bible study at church, "Believing God" by Beth Moore. Was that not perfect during this time of Chris' Dr?! I am believing God!! It's an awesome study...
I'm also leaving tomorrow for our church's women's retreat in San Antonio! I'm excited about it and praying that Chris has a blast with the kiddos. He is keeping both of them for the next two days and I'm praying that don't drive him nutty! He is such a great dad though and I'm sure they will have a blast.
Enjoy the pics!