Friday, January 7, 2011


pointing a cat

SO. Over the holidays we fed and watched our neighbors dog across the street. The kids looked forward to feeding Hershey every morning and evening and always wanted to let him out to play with us. Chris has been wanting a Vizsla for a while now and I finally caved. Mainly because I knew the kids would be in heaven with a dog. Ah what you will do for your kids ;)

So last Sunday we made our trek to Houston to pick up our 8 month old Duke. He had been at field training school. haha funny right? He does point though! Birds, cats and I'm sure other things. He is a SUPER amazing dog. He rode the entire way home with me in the back seat like a baby. All he ever wants to do is lay in someone's lap and be petted. Well I did the first two days but like Layne said life has to go on :) He sleeps right by my bed at night and hasn't ever had an accident in the house. He is amazingly calm and gentle with the kiddos. They love him. Vizsla's are known as Velcro dogs and I believe the ride home from Houston made me the other half of his Velcro. He is also great on runs with me. We have run 2 miles several days now and he stays right by my side. He has his quirks that erk me like being all up in my buisness but he really is a great dog. We are lovin' our Duke. I called him ding dong Duke the other day and Gauge looked at me and said "No mom it's just Duke." haha

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas this year with family! Chris' sister Tara and her hubby Robert were down along with his brother. The kids had a blast seeing them several different days and playing. We went to service at QTM Christmas Eve and then over to the Craver's for tamales and queso and chili. YUM! I let the kids take bath over there and get in their Christmas jammies. We had also made a birthday cake to Jesus so we sang Happy Birthday and had cake. Christmas morning we had our family time and then went back over to the Craver's. They got the kiddos one of those 2 seater little gators to drive. They LOVE it. It was hilarious to watch them. When they opened Gauge smiled and said "You got to be kidding me!" Priceless. We also had a fun gag gift game. Then we napped and headed over to my parent's for dinner. I had taken a Mucinex earlier that morning and apparently I took the DM which makes you drowsy. I was so out of it that night! I felt like I had been run over by a train! I couldn't wait to go back to bed. Needless to say I didn't even eat any dinner which I was sad about but I did take a picture of it :)We had a great time and can't wait till next year when Layne, Jon and Anaya will be here! YAY! Gauge asked me when I took all the decorations down why I was doing it and then sadly said "Mom I don't want Christmas to be over. Turn it back on." :) Gotta love kiddos.

New York

Outside our hotel window

Massive room! Loved it!
For reals?! It was only midnight and the tree lights were off?!

Serendipity's-This placed reminded me of my mom. I knew she would love it. It was all old school :) One day mom, girls trip :)

Bliss! That hot fudge sundae was out of this world!

Musuem of Natural Science and History
What the bride arrives in. Where was mine when I got married?? :)
We loved these minuature scenes
Chris dreaming he shot this...
FYI they need to dust. I checked :)
Oragami tree
Blue Man Group. The marshmellow was thrown into the audience and actually smacked me in the head. Good times :)
World Trade Center
Had to get a pic. It was the subway back from Staten Island Ferry and it was empty. haha

I wikipediaed the Staute of Liberty and gave us our own little info tour :)

Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Burger. Killer. With french fries seasoned with ancho chili season. Whew!
Shrimp Tacos. He almost licked the plate clean.

World Trade Center

These tombstones had dates like 1781. CRAZY.

Church on Wall St.

Our killer meal at Toni Di Napoli's

View from our window. With some hot tea. I was freezing.

Dinosaur in Toys R Us

SO...I got behind again. :) Here comes major posts....

Aw lovely New York. It was fabulous. It was the coldest spell of the winter right when we got there and even the locals said it was cold. So if they thought it was cold then it was double or triple cold to us! Seriously FREEZING. I had to get a hat right when we got there or I wouldn't have made it! Our hotel was amazing and huge. A few highlights of the hotel (It was the Double Tree) was the hot fresh cookie you got when you checked in. I wanted more. Badly. The huge room with the Times Square view. Two flat screen TVs with a little sitting room and a bedroom and a coffee station with microwave. My favorite was the hot cookie. You couldn't guess that could you? ;)
I gotta fill you in on one thing. It was not cool. The night before we left I got the largest fever blister of my life right under my lip. I couldn't believe it. It was so big and so gross that I couldn't believe it. What the heck. So just FYI there is no photos of myself this whole trip. It's sad, I know but it was not cool at all.
So I had planned out this trip (ok mainly food) so we would get more done and not be wandering. We knew we were going to try the subway and thankfully it went so well and was so easy! Super smart way to get around and fast. When we got there is was about 1 in the afternoon so we walked down the block and shared a pizza at this little place called Crave. Funny right? Cravers at the Crave. Ok not funny. Anyhoo it was awesome. We did some shopping at the massive Toy's R Us and the M&M store for the kids. That night we had the most awesome meal. Probably our favorite meal of the trip at Toni Di Napoli's. It's family style so we shared this beef plate with pasta. WHOA. It was awesome.
The next day we went to the World Trade Center, Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and then we had our Blue Man group show. We also had reservations for lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. That was one killer lunch. We did some shopping at Century 21 and sight seeing. Just walking around and checking everything out is so cool. For dinner we went to Junior's. Oh you know we LOVE us some Junior's. Then off to the Blue Man Group show. It was awesome! The theatre it was in was tiny and more personal. It was a really fun show. Then we had dessert at Juniors. DUH. :)
On our 3rd day we went to the American Musuem of Natural Science and History. That place is MASSIVE. Halfway through we decided we would leave and eat lunch. We ate at the Shake Shack and it was super yummo. HECK everything we ate was awesome. We went back and finished up and then that evening we had reservations at the Capital Grille. Super yummy steak and the mashed potatoes were out of this world. We went back to the hotel and at 11 decided to take a subway to Serendipity's for the famous hot chocolate. I was freaking out about riding a subway that late but it was totally fine. It is the cutest little place ever and the ice cream they use is out of this world. Reminded me kind of Katies Custard! The only wierd thing to me is that their whip cream was not sweet. I like me some SWEET whip cream!
Our last day we made our last stop at Starbucks, which we did every morning for a coffee and muffin. YUM. And headed home. We were so ready to see the kiddos. We missed them so much! The reunion with them was the BEST.
We left saying the same thing we did last time we went. That we probably wouldn't go back anytime soon. And then a week later we were watching Home Alone 2 lost in New York and both of us said we would go back soon! Hahaha. There is just something about New York!