Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm super excited here these days. Because any day now I will be an Aunt again to sweet little Anaya Hosanna. Oh my heart is so happy and absolutely can not wait to hear updates and to be able to see that sweet face on Skype!
You know me, very little emotions due to hormonal changes after Teagan. Well I have been 'cryey' (that would be a made up word) lately. And I have a feeling more tears will come. Many from utter happiness of sweet girl Anaya being here. And a few from wanting so very much to be there to hold that sweet chubby (you know she will be ;) ) girl. I think we have been spoiled by not having any of us too far away as family. We have been close. I can remember Layne leaving to Arizona when I was big and preggo with Teagan in August and then my preggo self loosing it and the floodgates opening just wishing she could be here to hold Teagan. To come up to the hospital and see us. Layne I will be 'there' in spirit! :) I am rooting you on! I'm so excited! With pink bubblegum cigars and goober pink stuffed bears! ;) I will be praying and waiting and so proud to announce and show pictures of my niece Anaya. It will be wonderful!
So Anaya,
Your Aunt Tara Lou says come out! It's about time now girlfriend! We want to see your sweet face and I'm sure your amazing head of dark hair ;) And I want to ooh and ahhh over you on Skype! So hurry on now! My phone is waiting! :)
I love you Layne! Can't wait to hear your amazing and I'm sure hilarious birthing story. Write a book girl. Let's write a book ;)