Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Word...It's been a while...

Teagan Kaye!

Homie Gauge

So I just started following some of my friends new blogs and it made me realize, "Tara! You have neglected your blog again!" Oops! And I saw two posts ago was about Duke who we haven't had in a long time. He is at a new home with loving people who love animals. I don't HATE animals but I don't want any REAL live animals. My kids can have the Fur Real cat and that's about it. What a bummer of a mom right? haha Oh well maybe later I will let me have a fish ;)

So summer is here! I have high hopes and aspirations for all that is going to happen but I'll be happy if I can just get a little done. The organizing OCD side of me has high hopes for a new cleaning schedule/ chore charts/ calendar/ organization/ cleaning out junk, etc...BUT every since having two kiddos I'm lucky to still get places on time and vacuum twice a month. Ugh did I confess that? But I did get a NEW VACUUM and I think I will bump it to vacuuming once a day!!! Ok maybe once a week. Let's start small ;)

We are going to start planning a little family vacay again. Since last summer our trip to Ft. Worth/ Waco went SO well, we are going to try it again!! :) The kids are just pumped to go stay in a hotel and swim. Haha. Kids. But I'm excited. I miss my Waco and Ft. Worth peeps and I need to hug Natalie and Lisa!

So I'm not promising posts but I know you love them Layne so I will work on it. Again. ;)

And since I'm on an old computer I'm gonna post some oldies but goodies pics! FUN! :)