Saturday, March 10, 2012


This past week we had to make our bi-annual trip to Houston for Chris' Dr. appointment for his AS. Everytime time we go on this trip I thank the Lord how for the past 4 years we have been able to make this trip and be seen by one of the world's top doctors on AS. This time his Dr. said he feels like the least he can do for us coming up and helping them with this research is to listen and help give the best advice for what he is going through with AS. I told Chris, the least he feels he can do?! We feel we owe them! We pay nothing for these visits and we get xrays and answers and top advice for free. I feel like we are the blessed ones. And at the same time I now realize how important it is that we make the trip every 6 months for them. They wouldn't have the data they need to further the research on Anklyosing Spondylitis if we didn't come. This year was a big year because it's been 4 years we have been going and the second round of xrays. We were able to see from measurements taken every visit over the past 4 years where he is and what the xrays compare to from the ones from 2 years ago. As far as measurements, some are better and some are a little worse. We are talking just a little which is great news. His xrays show no progression since the ones two years ago and his hip is doing really well. No surgery needed for now or in the near future. The Enbrel shots he takes are definintely helping his hip out. He has had significant back and neck pain for the past 6 months so he was really worried he would have a lot more fusion. We partly think some of it is from our bed so we are going to look into getting a temperpedic. All that saying he was so very thrilled at his results. He has been playing a lot of golf and goes regularly to the gym working out and his Dr. was very happy about that. He said one of the best things is to continue staying active. They have and man in Houston that leads a support group who is completely fused 100% and still works full time and is a long distance bike rider because he never stopped being active. I just praise the Lord because Chris is such a strong person who has a high pain tolerance and rarely do I ever even know he is in pain. He has chosen to continue to live life and not let this slow him down and I'm so proud of him. I'm afraid if I was in his shoes I would be a whiney baby! ;)
And of course we are thankful that each time we go we are able to have a little vacay together. I have been on Weight Watchers for two weeks so I was excited mostly because I wanted to EAT! haha I had been dreaming of a steak and garlic mashed potatoes and bread and let's just say Salt Grass did not dissapoint!! And Chris got to go to a golf store and he was in heaven :)
Next weekend I get to go on a weekend trip with 4 other girlfriends to Leakey and have a relaxing country weekend. Full of food and fun and Wii dancing! We are all excited about it :) I'm going to try and remember my camera for some fun photos! :)

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