Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seriously! It's been since May 30th since I posted?!

Well! That's a long time! Let's see if I can recap what been going on...

The biggest news is that Miss Teagan is walking! And not just a little, but like she doesn't crawl anymore. And that little girl is fast! Within three days she went from a few steps to almost running and going from sitting to standing and walking all by herself. She definately keeps us busy now! Good thing is I always know where she is at, right by Gauge. She just wants to do everything he does. I finally got her walking sandals so she can walk outside but you won't believe what happened....While in the mall she dropped one! So now we only have one and let's just say they weren't cheap. Dern it. I am praying that it will show up in the lost and found at the mall by tomorrow....And it didn't so Target shoes are now our friend :)

Gauge is really trying to talk alot! He will repeat or try to repeat most words you tell him to say and he is a pro at the sounds of each letter in the alphabet. He recognizes and says the sound...I'm one proud mama! His new thing is his cars. Chris took him to Toys R Us to get him a little Hot Wheels suit case thingy to carry them in and they had one that rolls like a mini little suitcase. Let's just say he is in love! Rolls and carries his cars=one happy boy! I am also so proud of how he is becoming such a little book worm! I thought the day might never come! He loves to bring us books to read and his favorite (well right now that is) is The Wheels on the Bus. Can I just say you thought the regular song was long...well you should read this one. Holy smokes singing through that book is exhausting! ;) But I can't resist his little smile so I read it over and over.

Layne and Jon are here in town for the week and then they are off to Portugal for language school. We are super excited to be able to spend some time with them before they leave for several months. And having them was extremely fun! We already miss you guys!

Other than that we are just trying to keep cool and stay indoors because of this dern heat! My goodness it is hot!

Here are some pics for fun!