Sunday, December 27, 2009

Had a Holly Jolly Christmas....

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We did! We are so very blessed and that's all I kept thinking of this Christmas. God has been so good to us!
We had a great time with both sets of families! Many laughs and smiles all around :)
I think Gauge and Teagan got enough Mickey stuff that we should be good in the Mickey dept. for a while! ;) Oh how they love their Mickey!
We even got to talk with Jon and Layne that evening as a family and pray with them. I'm bummed I didn't make cinnamon rolls like Layne because after seeing her picture of the ones they had Christmas morning, I am still drooling and dreaming of them! It was just fun to have them 'here' with us :) We love you guys!
Other than a wonderful holiday season I am in serious need of taking this dead tree down but I really don't even want to go there! It is so dead ya'll! The needles are going to be everywhere! But I gotta do it today...Today is the day....
But I think I will go to Hobby Lobby first, a little bright spot before unloading all of Christmas down... :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Major Merry Christmas Picture Upload...

Yeah so where have I been since November?! Very busy I say! :)

I have been doing some "Keep Calm and Get Crafty" galore! Maybe not calm all the time but I did have a lot of fun working on so much stuff for some awesome peeps! Thanks for thinking of me all you lovely peeps! I hope you liked it!

So is it just me or did Walmart, Target and my home away from home, Hobby Lobby not purchase as much to sell for Christmas this year? I'm shocked with the little they have left! I know it's basically Christmas but my little sale mode mind is thinking day after Christmas sales and what the heck is gonna be left?! The stores already seem bare! This I know because I have slowly added many things on sale just in the last week. Wreaths people, wreaths! They were $1.99! So I took my mom's idea and hung one on the outside of each of our bedroom doors. I love me some wreaths! All I know is that when I take all this stuff down my house is sure gonna seem bare! I will miss my cozy lights too! I guess that is what makes Christmas all fun and cozy every year though huh?

By the way did I tell you our tree is DEAD?! Deader than dead. It's past dead. It's just saddness. We still have to make it to Friday and it's not looking too good or smelling too good. I'm tellin' ya, artificial is the way to go right?! I'm afraid to touch it our turn the lights on! It is hard as a rock. Again I tell you, saddness....

So I'm wondering if you think I have enough pictures posted? Got a little behind and then got a little carried away but eh that's the way I'm rollin' tonight.

And on another note I just want to give a Merry Christmas shout out to the amazing Jon and Layne. I miss you peeps. I'm sad I don't get to eat more cookies with ya'll but Skype us so we can see your awesome faces on Christmas. You'll want to see the super duper excited faces of Gauge and Teagan when they show you their matching Mickey Blankets and Pillows! Shh keep that on the down low though because they don't know they are getting it...hehehe....By the way I asked Gauge if he is getting anything for Christmas and he said yes! From Santy Clause...And I said is mommy getting anything? And he said no...hmmm... But what's even better is when I ask him what the real reason of Christmas and he smiles real big and says "Baby Jesus!" Ahh I love that boy! I pray we teach them to have giving hearts and to always put others first and to know that the best gift we get is Jesus.

Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas and remember that Jesus really the best gift! Let's love like Him!


Our two Mickey Mouse fanatics in the Mickey jackets...

One of the many faces of Teagan...

A little glimpse of what Teagan does while awake...Climbs and stands on anything she can!

What Dad?! It's just my paci's!

On eof my favorite things of Christmas...the cards!!

Made this ornament wreath....more complicated than I thought!

Keep adding to it! But it's dead as a door nail already! Uh oh!

Wearing dad's Russian hat mom got for him in Russia. Why doesn't Chris wear this often??

Teagan trying the hat on...

More Amish Friendship bread....the end of it. I threw the starters away! No more bread!!

Some of my favorite ornaments...

LOVE this one from a sweet friend at our bible study ornament exchange. By far my favorite on my whole tree!

Mom made Gauge ornament for 2009

And Teagan's....

Oh my sweet Teagan is getting so big!

Gauge with his new golf club to match daddy. They love 'golfing' together :)

More signs....

This is classic...This captures our life right now...two wild munchkins ready to run!

Made some cards for a sweet friend...

These I made for Aubs for shower gifts...Thank you Aubs for this AWESOME prayer! I love it!

This is my favorite color combo!