Friday, February 27, 2009

PIcture Post!!

Both my munchkins eating dinner...
And this would be what gets me through mealtime feeding two in highchairs. A route 44 Sonic Diet Coke :)

Gauge now feeds himself (well has for a while now) but is super clean about it which cracks me up because that's probably learned from his OCD mother and father ;)

He often wants to give me a bite too, I can do applesauce but somethings well I gotta just fake ;) Don't tell him though :)

And miss Teagan is getting in on the eating action now too. She definatly likes to eat but would rather me skip the whole rice ceral thing and just give her the good stuff. Here she looks like she likes carrots but don't let that decieve you. She doesn't! She keeps her lips tight and shut when I try re-feeding her them :) What a clean boy eating his dinner!! haha

(Don't look at the hair in either of these pics) It seems I only take photos with my children when I look like poo....Oh wait I only get dressed nice for church and if we go somewhere purposefully. So whoops! :)
I love this new 'cheese' photo face...
So I went on a flower band making craze and we have them in many colors. They make me happy looking at her in them. She is just so dern cute! And people seem to love the flowers too, we just gotta work on her not screaming when they oooo and ahh. hehe :)
Ok I bought this and so wanted her to style it but girl looks like she is wearing a swim cap. So either she needed to wear it when she was a newborn and tiny head or she needs hair.... hehe
She has one stinkin' long tounge which makes for interesting meal times. This isn't doing the tounge justice either. It's amazingly long!
My boy loves his Toy Story! I got him this shirt and you ask him "where is Buzz? Where is Woody? And he pats his belly. Toy Story and Mickey Mouse makes him so happy :)
My sweets all grown up and 6 months old. I love her little legs crossed ;)

So she is on her knees and...

Off! She crawled a knee! hehe... She just wants you to know she isn't a baby anymore. She's a big girl and by golly she is gonna chase after her brother soon!

What happened to my baby!! Both of my babies! They are growing like weeds before my eyes! Gauge is trying to talk more and more and well Teagan she thinks she is 6 years old already. She is trying to crawl and for the most part is and doesn't want to sit around. No maam she wants to stand and join in the fun! We had her 6 month check up and that booger is 18 lbs and growing strong! Everything looks great but sadly both have inherited their mama's allergies so we are going to start on Zyrtec. I pray it helps!

I haven't been able to kick this sinus infection now for about a month and a half. I have had a round of steriods, an antibiotic and then came down with it again in less than a month and I am on another round of antibiotics. I'm getting drained! This time around though I am having major headaches, toothaches and ear andcheek aches only on the left side of my face. (Obviously where the infection is) but good golly miss molly if I'm not better Monday I'm going back and saying, dude! I have two small kids and I can't hack this anymore!! Steph came by and gave me a steriod shot and we are praying that works. (By the way she is an excellent nurse and I'm so proud of who she is!!) So!! Here's to the weekend and my sinus' going away gosh dern it! :)

Other than that I am just having an adventure feeding two munchkins breakfast lunch and dinner in two highchairs! Fun times I tell you! They are such good kids though and I have been blessed to infinity and beyond!!! (note that is from Toy Story hehe no I don't watch it at all ;) It's bad when I called our neighbor Buddy, 'Woody' twice!)

Chris did some amazing yard work and I will get a picture of that and I want to write about our awesome women's retreat...I will be back soon. Both kiddos are up and at 'em!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good times...

My sweet Teagan who is 6 months going on 16 :)

We told him to say cheese and this is the goober smile we got. Gotta love him :)

What a sweet girl! She loves riding in the stroller now!

I love this. Talking about fish you know. All about the trout and redfish :)

Stylin' in her monogrammed onesie by Aubs!

We took a trip to the aquarium last week and had a good time. It was Teagan's first time to go :) Gauge likes looking at the fish a little but really he just likes to run around and then go play on the playground.

Our neighbors little girl has outgrown her swing set and they got her a new big one so they gave us her old one. It's AWESOME! It so cute because it's made for little toddler's but looks just like a big kid swing set! :) Gauge is in heaven and I almost cried watching him swing the first time. He is growing up so fast and becoming such a big boy! Teagan is right behind him and growing even faster because I think she is just wanting so desperately to do everything he does. She scoots around the whole living room fast on her belly and has already tried getting on her knees! She is 6 months at the end of the month! GOODNESS! Time is flying!
Gauge is starting to try and say more and more words. Chris and I were worried that the booger wasn't go to talk but he sure is trying hard now. He attempts and says: duck, hat, truck, dog, moo for cow and cheese. I love that little boy. I forever tried to get him to sign and the cutie signs alot now! I always tell him to say please and he signs it instead. So he signs please, more and then for thank you it looks like he is blowing you a kiss :) Oh I just love them so much! They are precious :)
Monday we went to Houston for Chris' 6 month Dr. appt with the AS Dr. Not much has changed which is good news but he does want to see him in physical therapy and getting some exercises for his back. We also keep hearing over and over that he needs to be swimming so we are going to start saving our money and hopefully build a pool in a few summers. I gotta say, it never really hit me until this trip about his disease. I guess because you don't really 'deal' alot with it or
'see' much of it in everyday life I kind of forget he has a disease that has no cure. Then as I sat listening to the Dr it hit me how hard it must be for him. I can't imagine being the provider for your family and knowing that your disease will probably one day have your spine fused and your neck. That you will have limitations to what you can do with your life and your kids and family. That he could be in pain. But as I sat there and he asked questions of if they have found any new medicines (and yes they are feeling pretty good that within 5-10 years they will have a drug that possibly stops this fusing) that we are seeing the best Dr in the world for this disease and we go every 6 months as part of a research program BUT we serve the God of the UNIVERSE. We serve GOD who knows EVERYTHING about this disease. And if it His will, he can stop this disease from going any further. And I told Chris, I won't stop praying for you and I know that if God heals you that you can be a huge testimony going in for this research and if he never gets worse he can say, I know why. God is my healer. So I'm asking that you would pray for him. Pray that God would work mighty things in his life and that he would see God has good and perfect things in store for his life. Pray I can be the encourager he needs.
Thanks friends! I'm off to a women's retreat with our church and my sis! I'm looking forward to it but I'm already missing the munchkins and I haven't even left! hehe Oh so goes the life of a mother :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

My new friend...

My sewing machine! :) I went the other day to get it with my mom and picked a few patterns for Miss Teagan. Sorry I just won't be sewing for my Mister. I just don't think that's right...hehehe Unless I can whip up Polo shirts! Fat chance. So! I had a blast picking fabrics and was anxious to get started. So my first dress is finally complete. I did it pretty quick with the help of my mom! I did pretty good and I was so proud of myself for threading and doing the bobbin and such all by myself. But I got stuck on the collar so I need some help. She is a self taught sewer and I think she rocks! Thanks mom! So I feel like I could really get into this! As soon as I put it on Teagan and just got giddy! I loved it! So here's to the start of fun outfits!!!

Also we took some pics for Valentines. I just love my two little munchkins! They just make me smile and I love watching them together. Teagan has eyes only for her big brother and wants to be just like him. She watched him intently and tries talking and squealing to him. He is so good with her and loves on her and tries to help her out. He will still have his moments where he wants her to bug off but oh how much fun they are going to have! It's been tough having them so close but I wouldn't trade it! I know they are going to be buds for life...