Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures Galore!

We have been busy!
We had a day at the park, two days with Miss NiNi Lou and Easter with the Prescott fam!

We went to the park with my friend Tiffany and her two adorable munchkins, Kaylenn and Tucker. They are so fun and I sure enjoy having a mom friend that is right in the same boat! Good times!!
Lynise also spent two whole days with us before she and her mom went on their Spring Break trip to see Layne. Boy was that a treat! We had such a good time with her. Gauge adores his NiNi Lou and I sure LOVED the help!! I told her I was going to steal her and not let her go on the trip because she was such a help to me and fun to have around :) Thanks NiNi! You are the best in the west!
Then we had Easter hunting early with the Prescott family. We got all of the babies together and it is such a fun age they are all at!! They had fun hunting eggs and of course taking LOTS of pictures :) We loved watching Gauge go right out there and start hunting like he had been doing it all his life! We also loved that he had NO clue what the candy inside was so he would just open the eggs and toss it out! Yay! Mommy sure likes the candy! ;) I wish we could get them together more often because they are at such great play ages! We look forward to seeing you guys soon!

All of them together

Gauge busy busy busy boy!

He was all about the hunting! He went right out and filled his bucket! Totally on a mission and wasn't saving any for anyone! :)

The babies!

Gauge thought he was being real sly and stealing an egg out of Dylans basket. I guess he thought if he kept a straight face looking at us, then we wouldn't see him doing the stealing....lol crack me up!

Happy girl!
Kaylenn- Isn't she the cutest?! You ought to hear her talk! Her voice is the cutest! She cracks me up :)

Bubba lovin' his swing

Tucker- He is one CUTE kid! And so easy going!

Watchin' all the kids
and thinking in her head "One day..one day I will be out there" ;)

Lynise Joy- the best cousin ever! We just call her Aunt NiNi :)

Concentrating with that little tounge out...

Giggling while cooking his hotdogs on the grill :)

My sweets!

Posing in her car...hehe I'll have to duplicate this shot when she is 16 ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is a bunch of randomness for ya, with photos!
First we got a new camera! I have wanted an SLR for awhile now and we finally got one. I'm super pleased with the quality of the pictures and we are both having fun with it!

Layne came for a visit! We surprised my family and I picked her up from the airport and had them come over and she opened the door instead and yeah, mom screamed....hahaha hilarious! But they were super surprised and we had fun with her! She was coming to spend time with the kiddos since we won't see her again until June :( I love me some Layney Poo!
Teagan is crawling and sat up by herself! Ok I'm just gonna say it, she is gifted...hehe but for real now! She is only 6 1/2 months! She must take after her momma ;) I told Chris she'd be walking at 8 months for sure!

My mom and I sewed another dress for Miss Teagan. I love it but can't find enough time to sew like I want. I definately could use better time management :)

We are throwing a sweet friend a Bridal Shower on Saturday and I'm gonna make cake balls. I'm super excited to see how these come out and taste. I will post pics!
Anyway to post pictures faster on here???
Well that's about all for now. Gauger has a bday coming up next month! 2!!! Where has time gone?! I'm having fun planning, Mickey Mouse this year :)

What up mom?

Yeah I'm cute!

She thinks she is great.

This is one fun kid. I would want to be his friend, he's hilarious!

His favorite things right now are anything with wheels. He LOVES rolling things all around.

Teagan's 2nd dress

Playing together :)

Aunt Layne!!

Front yard work and new flowers :)

I had fun making Gauge and Teagan their Easter pails :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Many Faces...

This is hilarious!
Told you she had a long tounge and this is just half way out! haha!
The faces she makes just crack me up. I can't wait to see them with teeth because she has such gummy smiles right now!

Gauge's favorite smile right! Ilove seeing all the teeth!

Can you guess what's new with Teagan??
Her pearl earrings!!
My girly girl ;)

So my sweets got her ears pierced! My mom said I had pearls for my first earrings so I knew exactly which ones she was getting. :) She was such a trooper and hardly cried but about 10 seconds. I had a bottle ready and she was all good. I love how sweet and girly they make her look. I decided to do them because my mom had mine done at 3 months old and I have never had one problem and the never close up, even if I don't wear earrings for a while. I'm also to big of a wuss to go now as an adult so I was glad she did it while I wouldn't remember! :)
The women's retreat was awesome. I came back really wanting to get into the Word and memorize Scripture. God tells us to hide the Word in our heart and I know that but haven't actively done it. I'm working on it now and also reading it to the kids so they will have the Word built in them. Satan tries to attack us big time in our minds and if we know the Truth in the Word than we will be able to stand firm and take every thought captive and live in truth. I encourage ya'll too to memorize even 1 scripture a month! In John it says the Word was with God and the Word IS God. If we know the Word then we KNOW God...
Good news on Chris' hip. He went to see a specialist and the physican asst was the only one to meet with him but he said by what he sees in the xrays and CT scans that Chris should be able to have the bone spurs shaved off and that is where the pain is coming from. Once those are gone he could go maybe even 20 years before having it replaced! We are praying!! We go to see the Dr about it later this month.
God is so good and I gotta remember to walk by faith and not by sight!
So what's the Lord been showing ya'll lately?