Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Etsy Site! Stocked full! Take a look!

I renamed and stocked my new etsy shop! It's called 'Eye Give a Hoot' and I added alot of new hair clips, flower headbands and a few canvases. Go take a look at the super cute logo my amazing and talented friend Natalie made!
Pass it on to anyone you think would be interested!
Layne, I haven't given up on my blog, I promise :) I will get back on the ball. We have just been staying busy with who knows what! My memory is horrible these days and I can't ever remember what I did the day before! ha! I do know that we have probably watched Mickey's Three Muskateers about 80 times. Gauge and Teagan are hooked. I mean HOOKED. It's almost a tad scary! ;)
Gauge is starting to talk up a storm! He tries saying all words, has been putting multiple words together and knows his colors and numbers up to 4! He also loves to sing but he just sings the last word of every stanza and drags it out. It's super cute :) He is growing up so fast!
Teagan is cutting multiple teeth! Both front two teeth have started coming in and many more are on the way. She is also still going 90 to nothing and climbs on any and everything she can. You can't leave that girl alone for a minute!
The big thing we are waiting for is MONDAY! Layne and Jon get here and stay for about two weeks and leave from here to go back to Africa with their one way tickets. Sadness....We are going to have a blast and cram a ton of time in with them and I am just holding off thinking of the whole one way ticket thing. I gotta get a web cam so we can see them when we talk on Skype.
Pics of sister time to come!

Ugh! I love that sweet chubby face!

He carries his juice like this in between his teeth. Talented that he can smile at the same time!

Yes now Teagan is a big girl and sits at the table too :)

Yummo! I made the little cake stand and these are the only things that have been on it...sad!

Coconut Creme Cake. Let's just say YUM :)