Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh so am I ever going to get back at a regular posting schedule? Hmmm... I think what makes me not do it is that I have to resize my pics and that makes me lazy! ;) I've been better at posting pics off my phone onto my facebook so I feel like I'm giving a pic update there too! hehe
We have been enjoying our wonderful weather and going on lots of walks, wagon rides and bike rides. I just figured out the other day when it was close to dinner and they were getting fussy and whiny that I would just pop them in the wagon and go walk the neighborhood. GENIUS! They are so happy doing that and just in sweet mood while we walk. So I get rid of the whining, stretch dinner back a little and get exercise while saving my sanity! I love it! :)
I've still been busy crafting and sewing. I am getting a little faster which is nice when I decide to do gifts last minute! ha!
We have been sort of potty training Gauge. I started with the undies and all but got real tired of that fast and it was like he just didn't get it. I figured oh well I'll try again in a month but literally like two days later he asked to go on his potty and went! I made a huge deal out of it and we have a sticker chart. Once he gets a row of stickers he gets a prize out of the prize bucket (which he has only been picking suckers! ha!) Anyhoo. I've just kept him in diapers but he asks at least 3 times a day to go and I just consistently back it with praise. He even pooped last Sunday before church! I was blown away! So here in the next few weeks I am going to start weaning the diaper a few hours a day until we are all out of diapers! I'm still worried about how to take him in a public restroom! How do that sit? And all that! I'm so proud of him though! And Teagan is even more interested which thank you Lord that child will really help me once she is! ha!
I'm also busy brainstorming ideas for Gauge's birthday...I'm so excited but I still can't believe he is going to be 3!! It's going so fast!
I also love at night when we read books. I am reading him a book about Easter and it says Jesus loves all the boys and girls and moms and dads too...So I told him, " You know Jesus loves you so much and He made you perfectly!" And he said 'No'..."Ok well He does I said, He loves you and so does mommy!" Well the next night when I got to that part I said "Who does Jesus love?" And he said "Gauge!" and then he began listing everyone else too..."And Teagan, and Daddy and mommy and on and on..." I just love that boy! I heard on our Christian radio KLOVE them talking about praying with kids and that we should pray like we always pray. Pray powerful and big prayers with them and let them know we serve a mighty God. I loved that! We pray every night so I just started praying like I would pray and one day I can't wait to hear him praying to God!
Here are some pics!

I'm loving the headbands now that her hair is getting longer!

Sweet girl!

Never got around to remembering to get her to wear it for Valentines day! Oh well next year!
YoYo Headband
My new favorite!
I've been sewing kitchen towels now!
My first try at a ruffle hiney onesie! I wish I had a newborn myself to put one on! This was for sweet Eloise Jane! Isn't that name adorable!
My little goobers!

Sportin' the side pony! Love it!
My little cupcake!

Ok so Chris took Gauge and got his haircut and now they are really twins! I made them both smile their 'chris' smile and father like son!
We have had many picnic lunch and dinners because of our beautiful weather! We are loving these times!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture Update :)

Thought I would post a quick picture post. The beach pictures are from when I went on my women's retreat. Chris was super dad and took them to play in the sand at the beach both days and included a stop at Sonic for a treat. What a good dad! Since he did so well I think I should schedule another get away! ha!