Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aquarium fun and some new signs + craft room in progress!!!

So we went to the aquarium with my fun and great friend Tiff and her kids (whom I love to pieces mieces too!) Gauge had a bit of a rough start with some tantrums but then we had a blast. They absolutely LOVE the play area outside...Gauge likes it probably more than the fish. Teagan could care less as long as she is anywhere people are and having a good time!
I'm so anxious for my craft desk to get here! I have the room painted and some decorations ready but I need the darn desk! It should be here Tuesday and then I will post more pics. I can't wait! I just love organizing and to have everything crafy in one place and a place to work on stuff will be heavenly. I have been working on a lot of signs and really having a blast doing it, so to get it more oragnized will be nice! Maybe I can actually start scrapbooking for my kiddos! I'm way behind!
Other than that we are just staying busy and having fun.
Enjoy the pics! They are growing way too fast for me!
Kaylenn being tickled by her mama. She has a great little squeal :)

My little man is growing up. He loves parks and playgrounds!

Homies chillin'...Look at their legs! Talk about maxin' and relaxin'!

I love this one because he looks like a little monkey and he is wearing a monkey shirt and that is one silly face!

Again buddies just chillin'. I mean does it get any better than this? Oh to be a kid again!

Teagan all sunshiney!

She loved the fish and that is one massive fish!

Good times
How cute is this? He is in a huggy stage. Love it!

A new sign and my favorite colors!

Waaaahhaaahahaha My fake Coach. I just love knockoffs! Who can tell the difference? It's craziness!

My $380 frame that I got for $12 at Hobby Lobby...I heart you Hobby Lobby!

And the new wall colors for the laundry room/craft room....just waiting for my big black craft desk!

So handsome...

Some signs I did for a friend....I love how it came out so now I want some! :)

He loves to peek and greet people through the mail slot...

We couldn't not post Teagan and her crazy lizard tounge. That's only halfway out! She is a messy eater unlike her brother!

Another sign...

And another...

And another!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...

What a blessed mama I am. I have the sweetest two babies ever and I couldn't be prouder to be their mama. Thank you Lord for my sweet blessings!

Chris worked nights and he is so sweet, as always, to have my cards and gifts laying out for me to find when I wake up in the morning. He also does a great job on getting a card for me from him and then one from the kids, which that one always cracks me up :) He got me the James Avery stackable birthstone rings for each of their birthdays and since Teagan and I share the same month I have a peridot for us, a white sapphire for Gauge and a blue sapphire for Chris. I had to have them ordered so I can't wait to get them sometime this week :)
I also must give a shout out to my wonderful mother. I have the best mama in the world and God couldn't have given me a better role model. I am who I am today because of her. She is an amazing woman of God who so graciously loves and at the same time pushes you to be a better person and to live in a way that makes God smile. I love you mom. Again I pray I can be just like you for my kiddos...if I can, then I would say my kids have the best mom in the whole world ;)

They just love each other! So sweet :)

This girl has my heart!

Killer shoes...

Concentrating on his watering job...

What? I can handle this... :)

Sign I made for a lady with cancer...

She likes to clap now :)

It's hard to get a photo of the three of us looking forward!

I had to add this one because of her tounge. My little lizard!