Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gotta love me some baby legs!

If there is one thing I just love to pieces mieces its my Teagan's baby legs! Ohhh! I just love these little warmers and I think, you know next winter I'm totally getting us a matching pair of baby legs. I'm gonna call mine mama legs. And if you wondering, yes I'm gonna be one of those moms who is totally enrolling us in Mother/Daughter Tap and Jazz class!! hahaha I know some of you are getting hilarious images in your head right now but hey! It's a dream of mine and I won't let it be shattered even if Chris thinks I'm crazy and refuses to come to that recital. Just kidding. He would go only for Teagan but probably lie and tell everybody it was just her recital and no her mother isn't in it. It's all good. :)
And here is what we do every afternoon that daddy is one days....Gauger wait for him and knows his truck and Teagan sits in her stroller content as can be. I think I might just roll that sucker into the house since she likes it so much!
So update from the past post....First, your kind words just made me smile. So thank you! You are encouragers! And I was telling Chris just last night at dinner, either God looked down and thought "Ya know that was a tough last week so I think I will bless her with a good one" or it's just one of the many stages of kids....(I think its' both!) BUT my kiddos have been such blessings this week!! Teagan is like happier than can be and just a pure joy all smily and giggly and Mr. Gauge is so content playing with his blocks and helping me out with vaccumming and laundry. What troopers! So thank you Lord! You are good! Not just in the good weeks but also in the bad but the good weeks sure are good and pump me up to be able to handle the down times :)
Ya'll have a blessed week!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Well she said it would be tough...Not this tough. I think more moms should warn new moms and moms of more than one under the age of 2, that there would be days you feel like the worst mother in the world, like an utter and complete failure and that you have no buisness even being a mom. That you would run ragged and would have little patience.
Then I think of the gift of grace. Grace that God gives me to start new. Everyday He lets me wake up and start fresh with my sweet kiddos. In fact He doesn't even make me wait until the next morning. He give me the choice (and blessed help from my sweet mom and dad!!!) and I can stop, ask forgiveness and start fresh right then and there. Motherhood is totally bringing out the deep ugliness that lies inside of Tara. It shows me how DESPERATELY I cannot do this without God refining and changing me DAILY. I feel like I haven't come as far as a should. I feel like I should be further but I'm not going to stop trying. I'm going to wake up tomorrow, and I am going to determine to be more patient, loving and supportive of my children and their craziness ;) I want to teach them to be godly and loving and patient and kind but how will they learn that if I am not showing it to them? They mean the world to me and God has blessed me far more than I ever deserve. By His grace, I will be a good mommy and I will learn and I will strive to love my children well....

And you wonder how can you lose patience with kids with faces like these? Well easy BUT! That I believe is why God makes them so darn cute! So your anger melts and you hug them up!

His new big boy haircut I gave him :)

Teagan reading...

So focused! She gets too frustrated with these so I had to switch them out for things she can pick up!

Sibling love!

Chubby wubby cheeks!

Before his haircut, my shaggy man!

Her hair normally, all wild and crazy! I have to smooth it down often! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President...

I won't lie, sadly I didn't even think twice about turning on the tv to watch the inauguration, and now tonight sitting here I wish I had. I have to just give kuddos for several of the Christian blogs I read and the awesome things they said about today and made me really look at the whole day in a fresh positive way. History was made and how amazing! No matter who I voted for, today we have a new president and God is still in control and like I have heard over and over, let us pray for this lovely family that is embarking on a huge new journey, they need our prayers. They are just people, humans just like me and you, a family just like mine. That's another thing. President Obama is human and humans will always let you down. We must keep our eyes on Jesus for He alone is worthy and forever faithful and true. Let's pray God will help guide him and all of our leaders in doing what is right for our country. I want to leave you with a link to a blog that totally was a smack in my face and made me really look at myself and ask some big questions....Check it out....(Watch the video at the beginning too, never thought of it like that...)


Leah also did a wonderful job at making me look at today with a fresh look. Thanks Leah!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayer for my dear friends Mom...

One of my dear friends from Waco, mom is in need of prayer. Please lift her up. She had gangrene, pneumonia, possible staff infection and something wrong with her blood count. Pray for healing, for God's will, for peace and pray for God to give my friend the PEACE that surpasses all understanding. I can't imagine if I were in her shoes with my own mom. All I know is I would want everyone I knew to be praying and that is why I am passing this on, because I know many of you are prayer warriors... Thanks friends....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Updates! Dr. checkups, fishin' and more!

Well I didn't post about little Miss Teagan's trip to the ER! She and her brother had some major congestion but hers didn't seem to go away. I took her for a checkup to see if I needed to do anything else besides Vicks vapor rub and the humidifier...(These days you can't give them ANYTHING and even the pharmacist can't consult you until they are 4!!) So we went to the Dr and she said she had mild wheezing and gave her an inhaler and a breathing treatment in the office. We used the inhaler every 4 hours but it just seemed as though the congestion wasn't going away. My mom came over while Chris was on nights to try and let me catch up on some rest but at 3am woke me up because Teagan was having trouble breathing with the major mucous flem she had going on. We just decided we would rather take her to the ER because we had no clue what we were to do if she choked on flem?? Well after like 5 hours we got a chest xray and she had bronchitis. Praise the Lord it wasn't anything worse. We got an oral steriod and were told to continue the inhaler. Also if they choke on flem or anything for that matter they said put them leaning down and firm pats on the back. Good to know! :) She had her 4 month check up Wed and is healthy and well! She is now weighing in at 15.5 lbs and 24 in and of course a tiny head. That's to be expected since brother and daddy have tiny heads! ;)

We also took the Gauger fishing! Chris needed to run the boat and it was a gorgeous day so we took him out and we all three caught a trout! Mine was the biggest by 1/2 in., of course ;) And Gauge caught a baby trout! Literally! I had him holding the pole for the couple of seconds he stopped and was interested and lo and behold the child caught his first baby fish! And what makes it so great is that we all three had matching fish and his was a baby. So cute! His daddy was quite proud and told me when we got home, PLEASE let's do this more! It makes my day! ahhh I think we might ;) Really we had a blast! He can't wait until all 4 of us can go and each fish on our own. Ahh the stars in his eyes! I'm sure he will get us all matching fishing shirts, visors and put us in tournaments if its up to him!
Lately we have just been having a blast with the kiddos and laughing at how fun they are. Gauge just cracks us up and aboslutely loves going to Chuck E Cheese. Teagan is a different child! She is such a happy baby and a smily one at that. She is just now discovering her hands and talking up a storm! And I have been having a blast with my new blackberry phone that my sweet husband talked our tmobile person into giving me for a good deal! Thanks honey!

Have a fun weekend! I am looking forward to seeing Marley and Me with my mother in law tomorrow just the two of us and eating loads of popcorn! YUM! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So I have seen some posts that recap the last year and I kind of liked that so I thought hey! I think I shall try this.... :)

* Found out about Chris' diagnosis of AS.

* First baby appt to confirm Miss Teagan was indeed beginning her life in Mommy's belly!

* Went to my first pro b-ball game, the Spurs! :)

* Had our good friends, the Wards, visit and found out Nat was preggo with her 2nd while they were here! SO fun! And enjoyed Sonic happy hour drinks while the kiddos played...ahh good times friend!

*Our Mr. Gauge turned the BIG ONE!

*Celebrated 5 years of marriage!

* Layne married Jon! What a pretty wedding...

*Spent many of the hot summer days feeling like a whale in Gauge's baby pool as he splashed about :)

*Miss Teagan made her debut!

*Went to New York with my honey!

Its' been such a big year with a tons of Gauge's 'firsts' and having a sweet baby girl! It has been one of the most stretching, rewarding, amazing, exhausting, and joyous years. God is so good to us and I am thrilled to see what 2009 holds for us!

Be blessed!!